A History

How the hell did this all happen?

Being related (via more than a decade of liver abuse) to Davian Dent of The Bitter Sound and Strange Times fame (both jolly good podcasts available on iTunes and Stitcher smart radio, as well as in the drinking songs of drunken tramps),Dr Norman hadn’t even heard a podcast 18 months ago.
However, being introduced to this wild, varied and sometimes sexually dysfunctional culture by the self proclaimed Libertine of the podcast world (Dent), it was only a matter of time before our Norman had a crack at it himself.

Why Casa Mirth? and why now?

Well, Casa Mirth is, and always has been, the name of whatever abode Dr Norman finds himself in, along with his wife Nurse Betty (Bets). Why now? well because he’s been bloody procrastinating over it for nearly 9 months. Having been exposed (oo-er) to The Royal and Doodall Show, The Rigid Fist, The Bonn and Obo Show, The Dhead Factor, Don’t Quit your Daycast, ManbuyCow and more, it was a case of “Let’s give it a go”.

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