River Zambezi

“Wasn’t he in “Stand by Me”?”

No, he wasn’t.

River Zambezi is certainly not to be mistaken for River Phoenix, as he is neither good looking nor dead. Of South African origin (briefly), River has been Dr Norman’s right hand man for a very long time indeed.



Together through adventures for more than a decade, including “The Legend of the Dutch Mushroom Epiphany” and “The Black Russians of Chicken Pizza”, River is the yin to Norman’s yang. The sense to the nonsense. A soundboard, foil and partner in crime.


A man of deep thought and contemplation, River prefers the more relaxed pursuits in life.



In more recent times. River has been doing charity work in the African sub-continent, sharing love and warmth wherever he could. Being a “whore for the poor”, River got to know many tribes who loved him in spite of his being the “shite devil” – eventually leading to his tribal name of “Easy Zambezi”.


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