Episode 2.1(b) – We hope it was worth the wait



It’s back!! On this brand new episode of your favourite podcast, there’s a vague explanation of the delays around Season 2.
Dr Norman doesn’t like Kanye West, and has either experienced freaky coincidences or the show has gone psychic.

There’s a massive difference of opinion regarding toilet escapism, Oscar-themed chat, a debate over selfies goes a bit serious and no-one likes the Kardashians.

A comment about unicycles with no seats descends into a fairly unintelligent discussion about some of the technology in Back to the Future 2 and Dr Norman’s spacky toe. River has strange plans to name his yet unlikely first-born child that lends a slight political incorrectness to the moment and we learn that he’s never heard of a fleshlight.
All this, a little ditty by friends of the show Bonn & Obo, a debate between swimwear and underwear and the ever-present Channel Mirth News hopefully make this a return worth waiting for.

Oh and get the hankies ready – not just for the sex toy talk….someone dies.

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