Episode 4.2: Home Alone!


The boys are back and they’ve been drinking in the sun for 6 hoursĀ  – so things start off as you would expect and go downhill from there!
In this cataclysmic episode of the podcast that’s like your favourite uncle who never turns up to family gatherings, Dr Norman had a health scare a while back and has recently been home alone.

There’s an unexpected argument about a fart and a brief discussion about vaginal steaming.
Dr Norman dreams of jamming in a music shop and River likes a careless whisper.

Both boys resolve to lose some weight and eventually answer some listener questions. Well – fail to answer one and debate (whilst getting nowhere) a question about the zombie apocalypse.

All this as well as a return from the cinematic madness that is Film Club, the guys at Radio Mirth say hello and we meet a rather interesting vet.

So kick back and enjoy the show!

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